Frequently Asked Questions

What are StatementPacks?

StatementPacks use the latest technology to consolidate multiple statements into one convenient envelope. 

How does it work?

Each individual statement is prepared and sealed in its own envelope, but instead of being mailed separately your statements are gathered together, combined, and sealed for convenient First-Class™ delivery in a specially marked StatementPack envelope.

How will I know what a StatementPack looks like when it arrives?

Your StatementPack looks like a normal statement envelope, just slightly larger. This slightly oversized envelope will contain up to five individually sealed envelopes with a statement for each account.

Why is a StatementPack easier for me?

Although you receive multiple statements in one consolidated envelope, statement and account details are readily accessible and organized. This is a convenient and efficient way for you to receive and be able to easily refer to this important mail.

How many statements can be included in a StatementPack?

At least two – and up to five – of your statements will be included.

Will this new process delay delivery of any statements?

StatementPacks are prepared to the most advanced USPS® mailing standards, including presort processes that enable the mail piece to bypass the local postal facility to head straight to their destination… so there are no delays in delivery.

Why is my service provider using StatementPacks?

Your provider is committed to finding solutions that make the statement and payment process easier for you and other customers, and this includes implementing innovations that are cost-effective and efficient.

How do StatementPacks address the privacy and security of my statements?

Each statement is individually sealed within the larger envelope, which means your transactional documents – with the valuable and private information they contain – are actually double sealed.

Is there an easy way for me to stop receiving my statements in this manner?

Call 855-200-1227 to opt out of StatementPacks.

Not all of my bills are arriving in a StatementPack. How can I combine more of my mail into one outer delivery envelope?

While some mail may not qualify for a StatementPack, full addresses that match character by character will be eligible for further consolidation if they are on the same billing cycle. Please contact your biller using the customer service phone number on your bill or statement to request this adjustment.